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Today’s economic situation is unique, and more and more smart companies are really starting to analyze their return on investment from their marketing spend. Historically it has been proven in study after study that one of the most effective ways to gain market share, brand recognition, and improve profitability is through the use of promotional products. Here are a few of the great reasons why Toronto promotional products can work for you:


1. Thousands of unique impressions

Studies have shown that something as simple as a post-it note can generate an average of 17 impressions per sheet. So if you invest $0.50 and give someone a 25 sheet pad with your logo on every sheet, that means your cost per impression is approximately one tenth of a penny. That’s hard to beat!


2. Brand support

With your brand being in front of your clients and prospects on a daily basis as they are with promotional products, these people gain a comfort level with your product and logo and are more likely to think of you first when making a purchasing decision.


3. Drive traffic

Promotional products can be used to drive traffic to a website, a tradeshow booth, or as part of a follow up to a meeting. Are you sponsoring an event? Give something out that will have the participants of the event wanting to find out more.


4. Lead generation

How many hotel pens have you picked up over the years? What about trade show giveaways and golf tournament gifts? All of these items have proven track records of success when generating leads for companies. Looking to get into that tough account that has a gatekeeper from hell? Try giving them a little something to thank them for their time and you will be amazed at the doors that will open for you.


5. Customer retention

It is much easier to sell something to someone who has bought from you before. Brand extensions, new product launches, and other product improvements can be announced to existing customers with flair on a great promotional item.


6. Employee retention and incentives

Good people are hard to find, and once you do find them, they are expensive to train and keep happy. A simple way is to give them something on their anniversaries, when they’ve done something over and above, or if you are celebrating a company milestone. They are part of your team and whatever you did, you couldn’t have done it without them so show them how much you value their choice to work with you!


These are just a few examples of how companies large and small are differentiating themselves in the marketplace in the eyes of their employees, customers, and stakeholders, and adding value to everyone involved.

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